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Agra September 5th

After a full day walking around Delhi, jet lagged yet full of excitement I thought I would take it easy the next day. But that was not to be.  Having met a great young British couple and spanish guy from Valencia in the hostel and a few beers later…I decided to join them to the day trip to Agra. All sounds good, the only challenge being that we needed to catch our 4 hour car drive to Agra at 5 am! Oh well, as they say, “you can sleep when you are dead!”

On the road to Agra

After seeing the crazy traffic in Delhi, I was mesmerised that the roads to Agra were empty and incredible quality! This is only because we took the private roads, which have tolls, instead of the public ones. Anyhow it helped me get my much needed sleep…

Short break at a petrol station to have my first Thali dish! The seller told me it was not spicey… I guess to his standards 🙂 It was delicious!


Agra Streets


According to my driver Negi, who seemed to be extremely knowledgeable, the elderly man is feeding the monkeys for good karma. Great respect for animals in India!

Interesting looking Tuk tuk driver 🙂

Hard work…

Getting closer to the mythical Taj Mahal…

Behold the cow!



Taj Mahal


Face 2 face

Had to have one done 🙂

Entrace to Taj Mahal

The marble is so white that it makes you squint 😉


Lady with a green dress

Lady with a red dress

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