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Amritsar September 22nd to 24th

My tour in Rajasthan was complete after my visit to Udaipur. I was ready to move on to another state. By the way India has 29 of! I was also looking to move to less hectic areas and from what I heard from fellow travelers, the north near the Himalayas would fit the bill. So onward and upward!

However getting there from Udaipur was going to be a 26 hour journey so I decided to split the journey. Decision taken, next stop Amritsar, a key city in the state of Punjab. I had previously met Sikhs back when I was studying in London but I realised how little I knew about them until I got there. Visiting the Golden temple, the mecca of Sikhs, was an inspiring experience. The temple provides shelter and food all day long to anyone who visits it. I have never seen such acts of generosity and helpfulness to so many people! The canteen, called the “Langar”, provides 50,000 free meals a day and is run by a staff of 90% volunteers!  The place is also cleaned and maintained daily with incredible care and devotion. Just amazing!

I was also looking forward to head to Amritsar as I would be joining my fellow travel buddy Mike, who decided to move on from Jodhpur.



My first night bus. Not bad eh?

My sarcophagus 🙂

My second leg of the journey. I found out that my first train was cancelled but luckily they managed to book me into another train which was this one.

My “dorm” neighbour 🙂

26 hours later…


Greeted by dogs and monkey after my first leg of the journey.

Near the Golden temple.

Have not yet cracked the code wet vs dry,,,

Took a picture from the Tuk tuk. The motorcyclist was enjoying the attention 🙂

Respect for the rik-shaw driver!

A dalmatian cow?!?!?!

Golden Temple

When you enter the temple you need to go bare foot and cover your hair. They provide free head scarfs and shoe cloak room.

Sikh guards walk around with a massive spear.

Langar canteen. You have roughly 20 mins to eat before you need to leave so that the next wave of people can come.

Really good Thalis!

Border Closing Ceremony

Every afternoon at the border of India and Pakistan they organise a closing ceremony to keep the good relations between the 2 countries. For some reason this has become an entertainment spectacle. Quite unique!

One would say that we are going to go watch a football match…

There is a designated area for tourists. But it looked like the Indian side were having more fun.

The procession started with only women jogging with the Indian flag.

Police MC was managing the crowd.

Party time! Only for ladies though. Shame.

Crowd passing the Indian flag.

Military procession. Love the head garment they wear and the choreography which involved throwing some serious high kicks when they were walking.


Chaap. Kebabs made out of soya beans, Delicious!

Spicy mushroom.

And I went back a second time cause it was so good!

Kulchas! A sort of naan bread cooked with other ingredients such as vegetables and onions and comes with dipping sauces. Great stuff!


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