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Bangkok December 1st to 3rd

Bangkok, Thailand. The moment I set foot on the airport I instantly felt that Thailand is going to have a different vibe than India. Looking out from the window of the metro as I was heading to my hostel, the scenery looked very familiar. I remember now, it’s similar to the other newly industrialised asian cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong, that I had previously visited. Skyscrapers, department stores, modern public transport, digital bill boards, hoards of people running left and right, convenience stores…

After 3 months in India I was excited to arrive to a new country and go exploring. The ultra convenient services of Thailand, like 24 hour shops and coin laundries, were also very welcome. as it made my life as a backpacker a hell of a lot easier!


Metro from the airport to the centre of Bangkok. I started chatting to a guy from Pondicherry who was an english teacher. He is the guy on the far right in the photo.

I received a tip from an Italian lady traveler that instead of paying for a tour boat you could take the orange taxi boats which costs a fraction of a price and equally enjoy the views! A big thanks to her!

Local bus

Outside the Grand Palace.

Caught randomly some sort of military ceremony. Incredible how synchronised these guys were and how they kept their posture despite being scorching hot out there!

Pak Khlong Flower Market

Chinatown market.


Mad Monkey party hostel evenings just before hitting Khaosan Road. Lots of buckets…

Soi Cowboy street, the red light district of Bangkok. Some obscure shows can be seen there…



Wat Phra Chetuphone, aka Lying Buddha.


Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The emerald buddha itself is a little disappointing given that it’s well, very very small! A bit like when you see the Manneken Pis the first time 🙂

Jim Thompson Museum

All my respect to Jim Thompson. He has done extraordinary work to preserve and share Thai culture to the people. Very disconcerting how he disappeared from the face of the earth…



Great noodle stand! The lady is such a hard worker! Bless her.

I thought I would not have japanese food during my travels but couldn’t resist having a good bowl of Ramen!

Meal from a canteen in a department store. Really good value and tasty!

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