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Delhi 6th September

Time to hit Delhi again and scout out the remaining main sites, get lost in the city and enjoy some delicious Indian food! Tomorrow I have  early start as I’m catching a train with my spanish friend Ibrahim to go to Jaipur at 6:00 a.m… It’s going to be a short night! Let’s try to avoid waking up my dorm neighbors 🙂



First graffiti I see in India. No clue what it represents. A local even asked me while taking a picture what it was. I’m as clueless as he was 🙂

Love the Royal Enfield!

Seem to have seen a similar setup in Myanmar and Vietnam. The electricity company is going to have fun if they need to do any maintenance…

Hide and seek? Would have never thought to hider there.

Delhi traffic.

Tuk tuk

No, my Tuk tuk driver did not let me have a go 🙂 Sneeky picture while he was away for a bio break.


How to make chapatis bread the traditional way.

The real kebab.

Fantastic monghul food prepared by people who used to cook for the royal family and have now brought it to us mortals. Karim’s restaurant, if you are ever in Delhi a must try! I had the Karim roll, Chicken Tikka and chapatis. As they say in spanish “para chuparse los dedos” i.e. delicious!

Kabutar Market

In the background the Jama Masjihd mosque

Proper hipster equipment 🙂

I assume they are the transporters for the market.

Boy coming back from school. I could not stop myself following him and take a sneeky picture.

Red Fort

Reminds me of the Alhambra…



Not a massive fan of pigeons but here it looked pretty elegant!

Humayun’s Tomb

This site is definitely worth visiting.

No no it’s not the Taj Mahal but looks similar doesn’t it?

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