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Goa November 5th to 10th

After running around like headless chicken, it was time to sit down and relax in one place for a few days. Goa seemed the perfect location to do this and it definitely did not fail!

We started with an early train ride from Hampi and arrived at Vasco da Gama (clearly reflects its Portuguese heritage). This was followed by a bus ride and tuk tuk to get to our guest house where Edric, the host welcomed us. I will always be thankful for the great local tips he gave us with regards to sites and good and the great conversations we had in the evenings! Talking to real Goans like him made me realise how different the culture is from state to state in India.

Interesting phenomena in Goa is how the visitors concentrate in specific geographical areas. In the north around Arambol you have Russians, Vagator you have the Indians, Anjuna and below Vasco da Gama the Europeans. In the area of Arambol I was amazed how all signs were written in Russian and the bar waiters spoke perfect Russian (or so it sounded to me). Incredible!


Dawn in Hampi train station. Almost looks like a painting from Edward Hopper 🙂

Views while scootering around the country side.

Vagator beach.

Aguada Fort

Goan sunset

Diwali decorations.

During Diwali they hang these paper lanterns. I understood that they organise every year a lantern competition.

Spice Plantation

The visit to the spice plantation was a great highlight. Seeing the spices used in Indian cooking in its natural habitat was very educational especially if you are a city boy like me 🙂

Black pepper

Banana spider! That thing was huge. Not far from the size of my palm.

Piri piri chili



I will always remember this place for its delicious sandwich and the honesty of the owner. After finishing the meal, I paid the bill and the owner did not have any change so I told him that it was not an issue and he could keep it as we had enjoyed so much the meal (we are talking of 30 rupees = 38 cents). However he insisted and asked me where I was staying and whether I would be around tomorrow. I told him that we would be leaving tomorrow so probably not. Next morning, having forgotten about the whole thing, as we were walking from the guest house towards the bus stop, the owner out of nowhere arrived with his scooter, greeted me and gave me the 30 rupees! I was blown away by the genuineness and honesty of this man!

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