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My first blog post!

Welcome to my first travel blog post! I have never been much of a writer or been very good at keeping a diary so apologies if it isn’t any good 😉 I told myself that my sabbatical travels was the perfect excuse to attempt one. At least, if it’s not any good, it will serve as a memory for my trip! Memory does not get better with age, at least in my case 🙂

Short intro. Since the end of my studies I always wanted to take time off to travel. I never took the opportunity to take a gap year before so I was left with the urge. My plan was to take it after my studies and go backpacking for a few months in Australia. Why Australia? probably cause it’s the furthest country I could think of at that moment. Well, that did’t happen…

Fast forward 14 years and guess what, that urge never left. I have decided to take now a sabbatical of 6 months. Destination choices have changed but the desire to travel has not. I am first going to India for 3 months. It’s a country fascinates me and has been in my list to visit for far too long. I am planning to go afterwards to Thailand and then, well I don’t know yet. Idea is to go with the flow and see where it takes me.

Here is my first blog picture, day -1 before departure. Excited, nervous, happy, sad and oblivious of what’s to come but I guess that’s what adventure is!

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