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Hyderabad & Hampi November 1st to 4th

The next leg of the journey was going to be demanding. From Aurangabhad to Hampi there are no  direct connections and when there is a connection it’s only available once a week. So we made an opportunity of the situation and went for a stopover in Hyderabad. Hyerabad is a massive city of 10 million persons and also famous for being the birth place of the biryani dish.

I have mixed opinions about Hyderabad. It is a city with sharp contrasts between the different quarters. In some quarters you feel as though you are in a metropolis and in some others the complete opposite and had a vibe that tourists were not really welcome. Perhaps if I would have stayed longer I would have changed my mind. However, when it came to the Biryani, it’s a different story. I have had a few Biryani’s since I came to India but the one I had there was by far the best chicken and vegetable Biryani! I had never had so much rice in one go!

So having spent the day in Hyderabad we went on to catch our second overnight train to head to Hampi. As soon as I got off the train and was on the tuk tuk heading to Hampi, I knew we had come to somewhere special. Hampi welcomed us with a sea of lushes green scenery coming from banana plants and palm trees and within this natural scene you found beautiful temples scattered around. The town has 2 parts to it, the holy city of Hampi and then “hippie island” located just across the river. The boat crossing service is provided by 2 boats but managed by a single person so he is not exactly in a rush to cross. He makes sure the boat is absolutely full to the rim before crossing so patience is required. Given that the alternative to the boat crossing is a 45km drive most people will wait 🙂 Great monopoly he has!

I really enjoyed scooting around both sides of the town and soaking up the tranquil natural landscapes and even got the chance to go for a dip in the lake! But for me the biggest highlight was the Mathanga Hill sunset view we caught which was just breath taking!



Biryani! Check out those portions! Breakfast, lunch and dinner served in one go.

Hampi – Streets

Sri Virupaksha temple

Managed to catch a smile from the lady 🙂

I think its a public toilet…

Queen’s bath. Water used to be pumped into this building and judging by the name I assume people bathed in  it.

My first elephant! Managed to visit the temple for free at night time.


Hampi – “Hippie Island”

Behold the mighty elephant!

The monopoly river crossing service.

View of temple from Hippie island.

Caught them in the middle of the crime 🙂

My first dip in India!

Hampi – Vijaya Vittala Temple

Carvings on the ground.

Lotus Mahal. Buildings located around the royal enclosure.

Elephant stable. Once upon a time there were elephants in each of the enclosing.

Hampi – Mathanga Hill


Breakfast Hampi style!

Paneer curry.

Giant samosa on the left.


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  • Salut l’ami. C’edt Bientôt les fêtes de fin d’année !! Je ne sais pas où est-ce que tu seras mais je penserai fort à toi. Belles photos, bonne nourriture, pleins de souvenirs : on dirait que tes souhaits ont déjà été exhaussés 😉
    A plus.

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