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Jaipur September 8th

Departure day for my spanish friend and back to solo travel for me. It was great to meet him and hope his next stop in Thailand is going to be just as adventurous! Encounters and departures are all part of this way of travel. Until next time amigo!

Having done the main sites the day before I decide to wander around the streets of Jaipur. While doing so a kind faced local vendor approached me, like so many others have in the past, only this time I was  intrigued as his conversation line was different from the others. He asks me where I am from and what I do etc to which I answer I am spanish living in Belgium. He then asks me if I speak french to which I answer, yes and goes on to ask me a favor, “can you help me write a french letter to a french friend?” A little skeptical I follow him into a shop, we sit down and he hands me a paper and pen. The pen he gives me doesn’t work so he asks the police officer which happened to be sitting in front of us for his pen. I then go on to write a very touching letter where he invites his french friend to his wedding. Happy to have been of help we said our good byes and him having thanked me eternally I wonder off again into the streets. 2 minutes later he catches up to me and he tells me to follow him, he will show me the streets where you can see real artists working. Good karma!


Melting silver and pouring it into molds.

Making a metal coil.

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