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Jaisalmer September 16th to 18th

In search for the desert and camels, I take the train and head to the Golden City, Jaisalmer located a stone throw away from the Pakistan border.

Upon arrival at the hostel, before I have the chance to put my bags down, I find out that the camel safari the hostel was organising was leaving in 2 hours! Not knowing if there would be another one organised the coming days I decide to jump in. The safari included a camel ride, cultural and musical evening and a night in the desert gazing the stars. Met great people and had a ride to remember. A little soar from the camel ride but what a blast it!


Camel Safari

Indigenous seesaw made out of wood.

Indigenous family house.


My ride, Josh!

Bonding with Josh 🙂

A beer delivery man in the desert. What a service! Cheers!

The gang: 2 from the UK, Pete and Matt on a gap year, Zhe from New Zealand on a 6 month break and Arwal from India. Fantastic people!

Sand dunes.

Missing capoeira…

Traditional music drumming. These guys were amazingly good! A battle going on between the 2 musicians.

The cultural event and dinner location. A little touristy but still well organised.

Dance performance. Impressive!

Campsite, just before sunrise.

Sunrise in the desert.

Time for tchai tea!

Dung beetles. Could stare them for hours!

Tractor party???

Matt having fun 🙂

Fakira, the manager of Swan hostel. Great lad!



Shiva I think…

Knock, know, someone at home? 🙂



And those are…. BATS!

Really well kept fort.



If memory serves me well Jaisalmer has a total of 5 havelis, 2 government owned, one privatised and two still belonging to the oriignal family. In one of them I had the chance to visit the inside of it. Very pretty!


Amazing thalis!

Curry… but which one I don’t remember. So many different curries.

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