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Kochi, Alleppey and Delhi November 23rd to 30th

What a treat was Munnar in terms of sheer natural beauty! Having spent a lovely 5 days, I headed to Kochi to meet my very dear friend Camille whom I had met in Goa. Before that was to happen, I had to take a 5 hour local bus and go down some treacherous roads. Oh well, nothing that I haven’t done before 🙂

After a brief stop in Kochi and catching up with my friend, I left to Alleppey with two fellow travelers, Crystal and Charlotte, whom were heading the same way and decided to share a taxi. Alleppey is known for its backwater boat tours and beaches. At first I was not convinced by the backwater tour but the night I arrived, I got talking to a guy in the hostel who convinced me otherwise. I decided to join last minute the tour with my fellow travelers. The guy in the hostel was right! The backwaters was totally worth it!

With the backwaters tour behind me, I left Alleppey to Kochin to catch my flight to Delhi, last stop before I left to Thailand. My time in India was coming to an end so I felt that the most appropriate way to end it was to visit Gandhi’s memorial. Utter respect for this man!

India was long in my list of countries to visit and I wanted to do it justice by having the time. It has been a spectacular adventure to visit this enormous and rich country full of life, colour, scenery, sound and smells. I know that I have only scrapped the tip of the iceberg so I know that I will be coming back for more!

Kochi – Streets

Fresh fish!

Giant fish nets!

Fish and seafood auction.

Orthodox church

Camille and I enjoying beers! Kerala until very recently was a dry region, in other words no alcohol.


Alleppey – Backwaters

So many cranes!

Feast in the boat!

The sailors 🙂

Night out in Alleppey and meeting a random spanish crew! What a great night out!

Alleppey beach at night time.

Delhi – Ghandi Museum

Looks like a communist party street protest.





My last thali before I leave this amazing country!

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