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Kolkata October 24th to 26th

After a few cool days up in the mountains in Darjeeling, my next destination was Kolkata, a scorching hot metropolis where the iconic Ambassador car taxis are rushing left to right.

One of my favorite moments was my visit to the fruit market. The energetic vibe of the vendors and the large amount of fruits being hauled from all directions and all with the constant fragrance of sweet fruit in the air. What I really enjoyed though was that for the first time since my trip, I had people who genuinely wanted me to take pictures of them and wanted nothing in exchange. I will always remember their smiles 🙂

My second favorite memory will be the people I met in the hostel. Gabriel from France who made a mobile home out of his van with his skilled hands, a guy from Bangalore whose stories about his father and Pakistan plus tips of South India I will not forget, an american guy who read my future using tarot cards, a Columbian traveler who was 61 years old but had the spirit of a 30 year old… All in all good times!


People washing themselves probably to escape from the heat.

The famous Ambassador taxi

Fruit seller who after taking a picture asked me why I was not buying fruit from him.

“Stylish” barber chairs

That bag is bigger than him! How does he do it?

Got to love that Ambassador

Local buses. They drive like mad men!

Howrah bridge

Kolkata tram

Fruit market. Loved the smiles from the guys! Bought some custard apples from them.

One of my favorite pictures of that day.

His friends forced him to be taken a picture. That’s why he did not face the camera 🙂

Flower market

Children playing cricket

Another great moment. The kid is so photogenic!


Kathi roll from Nizam’s. Supposedly where the original one was first made.

Custard apple and papaya.

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