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Munnar November 18th to 22nd

After a week of chilling out in Goa, I eagerly took my next flight to go to Cochin. It was time to visit the region of Kerala, known for its beautiful scenery.

As soon as I landed I started looking for other travelers that could be heading in the same direction. Perhaps I can share a taxi with them. No luck this time so I scouted out the taxi prices only to find out that the official prices were grossly inflated. As luck has it, after getting in touch with my guest house owner I found a ride that took me to Munnar for a reasonable price.

The road to Munnar was bumpy, unstable and muddy. You could clearly see in places the reminiscence of the floods that took place a month ago. Entire trees yanked out of their roots and mountains of mud on the side road. This however did not distract me from the amazing scenery. I had not seen anything like it in India so far. Hopefully the photos will do justice to it!

Munnar town itself is not much to report back on but the surroundings are absolutely stunning. The tropical  vegetation and the stunning tea plantations that are omnipresent are simply incredible. I knew instantly that the only way to enjoy this area was to rent a motorcycle and go out exploring. I had been waiting for an opportunity to rent the legendary Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle and this was it. The bike did not disappoint!

Spice Plantation



The legendary motorcycle 🙂


A hole in the rocky mountain. Apparently long time ago it was used by a thief to hide.


Incredible sunset

Top Station

A view point where you at the top of the valley and thus are able to see the clouds rising. Very impressive cloud formations!

Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the key sites of the area is the animal sanctuary where you can go for different hikes with a ranger as your guide. The animals roam wildly so that is the reason why to go with a ranger. The sanctuary is located in a national forest with luscious green vegetation and waterfalls. Despite attempting to reach the park early, my journey to get there took 2 hrs as the main bridge to get there had crumbled during the flooding. That unfortunately meant that I missed the early morning window where all animals, such as elephants, go to the river to drink. Oh well, at least I got to see a real cobra!


My shared taxi


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