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Rishikesh October 2nd to 7th

Initial plan was to head to the trekking towns of Manali, Shimla etc but due to this year’s monsoon period being longer than usual, which led to mudslides blocking roads in and out, it was not to happen. Fellow travelers mentioned that some people were stuck in towns without electricity for several days! Ouch! My friend Samba from Bangalore had booked a motorcycle trip to go to Ledakh and that was cancelled a few days before. It was clear that I would not be heading anywhere close to that region so decided to move on to the next town that was on route, Rishikesh.

For all those who know about yoga, that excludes me, Rishikesh is the yoga capital. The number of yoga centres, ashrams, schools etc is enormous. There is even an ashram that the Beatles stayed at! Despite this abundance of places to practice yoga I ended up doing… none. Instead I did some rafting, off-roading with a scooter and a class of bollywood dance!

Rishikesh is also a great place to chill out. Ended up extending my stay just because of it’s comfort. The diversity of food was also very welcome. I needed a little break from eating constantly Indian food.


Laxman Jhula bridge.

I felt that this bridge encapsulates some of the aspects of India!



View from the common room of the hostel. Not bad eh?

Scooter Ride

The helmet I got from the rental company is beyond a joke. It was cracked in half and despite pointing the lack of protection this would entail the guy did not give me another…

Travel buddy Mike.

What was supposed to be a relaxed road trip on mountain roads it ended up in this… Luckily this was only part of the journey 🙂

Monkeys hanging from the temple wall.

Beautiful rice fields. Reminds me of Vietnam and Myanmar.

River Gange.

Neer Garh Waterfall. Shame I forgot a towel!

Ganga Aarti

A ritual practiced EVERY DAY in Rishikesh, Hariward and Varanasi to celebrate life! What a fantastic thing to do!

A flower bouquet offering to be placed in the river Gange after the ceremony.

The ritual entails chanting and wielding a lit up sort of candelabra.

And after the ritual… comes the party!

I thought this moment captures the different stages of life. Seemed relevant at that moment.


First time rafting.

The crew. Had an amazing time!


Palak paneer.

Vegetable Biryani.

The making of a Dosa

Masala Dosa! So tasty!

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