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Udaipur September 19th to 21st

Part of the thrill of travelling for me is experiencing different modes of transport. So far I had  been taking trains and tuk tuks but for my journey to Udaipur, nicknamed the city of Lakes, I took my first night bus. In India you have the choice of government or private buses. Quality varies, even within the government buses themselves. For my journey I took a 12 hr private sleeper bus. My cabin consisted a cabin as big as a sarcophagus but it was surprisingly comfortable! Probably not recommended for people who are claustrophobic or taller than me 🙂

12 hrs later I arrive at Udaipur at 6:30 a.m. Hoping to squat the hostel’s common room as check-in time was due a few hours later I head over there. No luck, gates were closed. I shoot a message to the crew I met in Jaisalmer who were staying in the same hostel hoping to find out opening times but given that it was a little early I did not get my hopes up. So instead of sitting around and waste a perfectly clear morning day and despite carrying all my bags I decide to wonder into the quiet streets of the town…


Moha temple in the distance.

Now I see why Udaipur is called the city of lakes…

Birds feasting on food that locals left for them. Indigenous sparrow? Maybe.


Milk man going for his daily round.

Checkout his hoofs!

Colourful wall paintings.

Gangaur ghat.

The remaining of an offering ritual from a local.

Giant dragon flies!

Ingenious way of sharpening knives!

Sunset in the rooftop of my hostel. No need for words.

Can’t remember the name but it is often the sweet dish within the Thalis.

Ram Diwali festival

Amazing fire trick display!

Even the police are intrigued 🙂


Cooking Class

With all the amazing food that surrounds me I could not skip the opportunity to join a cooking class. My teacher’s name is Shashi and she is an incredibly good cook and teacher. Her story of how she got to be where she is today is very moving. If you are ever in Udaipur I highly recommend you to go. 3 hours cooking and eating!

Vegetable pakora. A fried snack.

The makings of the magic sauce… I learned that all curry base use the same mix but it’s the ingredients that you add after that make the difference.

The cooking crew. Had a great time in the hostel playing table tennis. Hope to meet them again!


City Palace of Udaipur.

Black faced monkeys on the way to the Monsoon Palace.

Amazing how they remind us humans…

No the most amazing palace I have seen. The inside is under construction. Like in many parts of Asia they use bamboo as construction tool.

The view from the top.

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